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Calcium lignosulfonate(The wood pulp is mixed with the reed)

Release time:2017/03/20
Calcium lignosulfonate(The wood pulp is mixed with the reed)


Calcium lignosulfonate(The wood pulp is mixed with the reed)

一、 Product introduction 

Calcium lignosulphonate is made by method (sulfite) processing has a light yellow powdered solid, easy to dissolve in water. It is a kind of polymer electrolytes. Calcium lignosulphonate has strong decomposition, cohesiveness, chelating property. Calcium lignosulfonate water reducing agent can be used as concrete, cement sand slurry thinner, reinforcement agent, pesticide emulsifier, dressing dispersant, leather tanning agent, ceramic refractory plasticizer, oil Wells or dam grouting gels, etc.




二、 Main index:

Appearance: light yellow powder 


calcium lignosulphonate 


Light Yellow Powder

Lignin content




PH Value


Water insoluble


Reducing substances




Ash content


Packing density



、 The main performance

1. Used as mineral binder: In smelting industry, it is mixed with calcium lignosulphonate and breeze to made from mineral powder ball, after drying in the kiln, smelting recovery can be greatly improved.

2. Refractory materials: In manufacturing refractory brick, it can be used as dispersant and binder to improve performance significantly, and reducing water and strengthen, to prevent cracking, such as good effect, can save cost and improve efficiency.

3. Other: Calcium lignosulphonate  can also be used for refining additives, type casting, pesticide wettability powder processing, coal crushing, mining, minerals processing agent, road, soil, dust control, leather tanning, packing, carbon black, granulation, etc.




四、Packaging and shipping


1. Packing: 25KG in PP woven bag lined with plastic film.

 (according to customer request use custom brown paper bag, compound bag, ton bag). 

2. Storage: The product should be stored in a dry ventilated place, and prevent bask in moisture proof prevent wet. The storage is not bad for a long time, if there is agglomeration, it can match into aqueous solution or crush use, does not affect the product performance and using effect.

3. Transportation: The product in transportation should be light discharge, it is prohibited to use iron hook loading and unloading, prevent breakage, product non-toxic harmless,  non-flammable, non-explosive, non-corrosive , It can be transport by container of cars, trains or sporadic freight transportation.


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