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Sodium gluconate

Release time:2017/03/20
Sodium gluconate


Sodium Gluconate

Molecular formula: C6H11O7Na
Molecular weight: 218.4
Traits: white or light yellow crystalline powder, soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol, salty taste.
Uses: acid-base balance agent, water quality stabilizer, surface cleaning agent, cement admixture, food additives.



Sodium gluconate is a sodium polyhydroxycarboxylate, widely used, is now being developed and applied to the situation described below:
1, for medicine: regulate the body's acid-base balance, in order to restore the normal role of nerve, can also be based on the same purpose, for food additives.
2, used as a water stabilizer: sodium gluconate has excellent corrosion and scale inhibition, it is widely used in water quality stabilizer.
3, used as a steel surface cleaning agent: steel surface such as the need for plating, chrome, tin, nickel to adapt to special purposes, such as the manufacture of tinplate, galvanized sheet, the surface chrome plating (plating), the billet surface Strict cleaning, so that the coating with the steel surface firmly bonded, this time its cleaning agent to add sodium gluconate will achieve a very satisfactory results. This has been confirmed by international companies making tinplate.
4, as a cement admixture: cement to add a certain amount of sodium gluconate, can increase the plasticity and strength of concrete, and a blocking effect, that is delayed the initial and final solidification of concrete, so sodium gluconate as a cement Agents in foreign countries have been heavily used in important construction projects, such as the Middle East a large number of bridge construction projects.
In addition can also be used in electroplating, film manufacturing industry.

Project                    standards
                           Industrial grade           food grade          refined grade
Identify                     compliance               compliance           compliance
Content,% ≥                  98.0                   98.0 ~ 102.0          99.0 ~ 102.0
Loss on drying,%             ≤ 0.50                    ≤ 0.30              ≤ 0.30
Heavy metals, μg / g         ≤ 10                     ≤ 10                ≤ 10
Sulfate,%                     ≤ 0.05                   ≤ 0.05              ≤ 0.05
Chloride,%                    ≤ 0.07                   ≤ 0.07              ≤ 0.07
Reduced,%                     ≤ 0.70                   ≤ 0.50              ≤ 0.50
Lead, μg / g                 ≤ 2                      ≤ 1                 ≤ 1
Soluble (1.0 g, 10 ml water)             colorless,almost clear colorless,  colorless,almost clear colorless,
PH                           6.2 -7.8                   6.2 - 7.8             6.2 - 7.8
Arsenic salt, μg / g         ≤ 2                       ≤ 2                  ≤ 2

Sodium gluconate as a water reducing agentSodium gluconate used in the field of concrete products
Sodium gluconate can be used as a blending agent in concrete, and its function in concrete is as follows: water reducing agent and retarder.
Sodium gluconate is generally used alone, but it can also be used in conjunction with other retarders such as carbohydrates and phosphates. Sodium gluconate is a crystalline powder. Is produced under the conditions of proper regulation and control. This compound is chemically pure and non-corrosive. The quality is constant. These features ensure that it has reliable and reproducible results in the application.

By adding a water reducing agent, the water to cement ratio (W / C) can be reduced. By adding sodium gluconate, the following effects can be obtained:
(1) to improve workability in the water to cement ratio (W / C) the same circumstances, adding sodium gluconate can improve the workability. At this time, sodium gluconate is the role of plasticizer. When the amount of sodium gluconate is less than 0.1%, the degree of improvement in work is proportional to the amount added.
(2) Increased strength When the cement content remains constant and the water content in the concrete can be reduced (ie, W / C decreases). When the amount of sodium gluconate added 0.1%, the amount of water can be reduced by 10%.
(3) Reduce the content of cement and cement to reduce the proportion of the same, W / C ratio remains unchanged. At this point, sodium gluconate as a cement reducing agent. Under normal circumstances, the following two aspects of the performance of concrete is very important: shrink and produce heat.




Sodium gluconate as a retarder
Sodium gluconate can significantly retard the initial and final solidification time of the concrete. When the dosage is 0.15% or less, the logarithm of the initial solidification time is proportional to the amount of the addition, that is, the addition time is doubled and the time of the initial solidification is delayed by ten times, A few hours extended to a few days without compromising the intensity. Especially in the hot days and need to place a long time, this is an important advantage.
(1) with sodium gluconate, W / C ratio can be reduced, which can increase the strength of concrete, which is a high quality concrete.
(2) large and large weight infusion works are more difficult to construct. Due to the addition of sodium gluconate, the improvement of the workability of the concrete and the delay of the solidification time can prevent the structural interface from occurring. As a result, the structural strength can be improved.
(3) It is important to maintain W / C ratio in hot areas and improve workability. A large amount of sodium gluconate was used in the construction of bridges in the Middle East.
(4) adding sodium gluconate to the concrete mix can retard the settling time, which is important for long and difficult infusion.
(5) In the modern concrete industry, the pre-mixed concrete is prepared at the center and then transported by a mixer truck. In this case, it is important to increase workability and initial solidification time.
(6) Reduce the W / C ratio can be made into higher strength and durability of concrete, sodium gluconate can achieve this purpose. This is very important for high strength reinforced concrete.
(7) prefabricated masonry mortar must be used for a long time. Addition of sodium gluconate can prolong the working period.
(8) oil well irrigation mud is difficult to operate because of the high temperature, adding sodium gluconate concrete can be 170 ℃ temperature for several hours.


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