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Sinoway  always takes product quality as the basis of enterprise survival. Each of our equipment will undergo rigorous inspection before it deliver to client'hands. Therefore, 10 years ago, we passed the ISO 9001 quality certification system and formulated corresponding quality regulations and policy.
Factory Quality Management System
1. All raw materials required for production, purchased parts and outsourced parts are inspected and accepted according to relevant standards and the stipulations of the technical documents order contract. Only after passing the inspection and stamping on the acceptance slip can the warehousing and reimbursement procedures be completed. If there is no standard and no clear guiding technical documents, the quality inspection must be carried out before the acceptance and acceptance can be carried out.
2. Regular or irregular random inspection of the storage of raw materials, strict prevention of mixing, and in accordance with material standards do a good job of checking out of the warehouse.
3. For raw materials that do not conform to the requirements of outsourcing and outsourcing, substitution formalities must be handled in accordance with the relevant system. Only with the consent of the relevant technical departments can they be substituted. Production inspection should be done well and quality control should be ensured.
4. For the quality control point or the processing procedure of the hanging management chart, the sampling inspection shall be carried out according to the prescribed time, and the inspection results shall be filled in the management chart, and the abnormal situation shall be found and the information shall be sent in time.
5. Where the qualified parts have been inspected, they should be marked at the appropriate position of the parts and transferred to the next process. Only qualified products can be allowed to circulate in production.
6. The defective products (repaired products, waste products, recycled products, defective products) that appear at any time in the production process should be detected in time and managed and isolated.
After repairing and checking up, the next working procedure shall be processed.
Waste products should be marked (written) and returned to the original process to continue processing or transferred to the waste area.
9 defective products, not counting output value, not planned, with defective labels stored separately, in the production process, only qualified and approved recycled goods are allowed to circulate.
10 For the maintenance quality of equipment used in production, the quality of outsourced spare parts manufactured shall be checked according to relevant standards to ensure that the equipment is in good condition.
11. Summarize and report statistics according to the stipulated time, and announce the completion of the quality indicators of all workshops in the factory, so as to be accurate, timely and error-free.
  • China Sinoway Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. certification



    Issue Date:2010-01-14

    Expiry Date:2021-01-13

    Scope/Range:Quality Control

    Issued By:SGS

  • China Sinoway Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. certification

    Standard:Engine Emission


    Issue Date:2019-09-30

    Scope/Range:Truck engine emission

    Issued By:IDIADA

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